A Message from the CEO

Kurt Kelly, CEO

For more than a decade, the Florida Coalition for Children, our member agencies and our frontline caseworkers have been in our communities protecting children, preserving families and working tirelessly everyday to navigate unimaginable challenges and guide children and youth in our care into safe and permanent placements.

We have come a long way since the first pilot program launched our community-based system of care in 1999.  Nearly 20 years later, we have made much progress, more children are in safe, loving and permanent placements and we continue to innovate and improve outcomes, but we still have plenty of work to do.

We hope our website and the resources throughout provides an overview of the path we have already traveled to become a #systemofsuccess while also giving you an idea of the direction our #communityofcare will be taking moving forward.

The FCC’s mission is to help our communities move forward with the knowledge granted by where we’ve been, an awareness of where we are going, and faith that the course we take moving forward will be transformative for Florida’s children and families.

In visiting our website, you show that you share our passion for children and families. If you are a member, we hope you will find various resources that help you in your work, if you are not a member, please take some time to learn more and see the valuable resources FCC provides to our members and consider joining us and help achieve our vision of finding every child in Florida a safe, loving and permanent home.