FCC's Member Portal

FCC’s new member portal allows members to easily communicate within FCC’s committees, subcommittees, workgroups, and general membership.

Through the member portal, FCC members will gain access to member-only pages that will allow users to utilize the following tools:

  • MEMBER FORUMS: Ask questions, follow important topics and discussions around issues affecting your agency and/or employees, and network with other members via our member forum (chat board).
  • DOCUMENT ACCESS: If you are looking for a collateral piece, communications campaign, board meeting minutes or legislative documentation, these will all be stored in StarChapter moving forward for easy access for members.
  • MEETING CALENDARS: Members will have access to a master FCC calendar noting committee meetings, events, and calls to stay up-to-date with the latest discussions.
  • COMMITTEE PAGES: FCC has numerous committees, subcommittees, and workgroups simultaneously working on various issues affecting our system of care. StarChapter will host a limited access page for each committee in which members will have access to documents, meeting calendars and forums available to committee members only.
  • PAY DUES & REGISTER FOR EVENTS: Moving forward members will have access to pay dues, register for events such as the FCC Annual Conference and pay for any meeting fees via the StarChapter system.
  • AGENCY MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT: Many of our member agencies wish for various employees either within or outside of their leadership team to have access to various functions and benefits of FCC membership, by providing a point contact person for your agency, they will be given access to manage and invite additional team members to StarChapter functions.


To login to FCC’s member portal, click here.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions?

For any questions or issues, please contact FCC via email at Communications@flchildren.org.